Video Game Accesories Purchases 1/02/09

Nintendo DS Game Card Case (Holds 16 Games) – Hori

Nintendo DS Lite Protector Kit Final Fantasy IV -Hori

SasaharaX; Finally got a awesome DS Game case, it’s sug in my backpack and everything. Also the DS Protector is to replace the Dragon Quest Joker one that is just plain black. I like the clear Final Fantasy one.


Video Game Accessorie Purchases 12/26/08

3 Pack UMD Disc Cases with Memory Stick Case (Holds 4 UMD’s in each Case & 4 Memory Sticks in the Memory Stick Case) – RDS Industries

SasaharaX: These are probaly the best PSP game cases i have ever owned, they fit great in my backpack and doesn’t take up much room like my other ones. Now i need a good DS game holder.