Manga Backlog Part 1

I thought i had a large Backlog of Anime DVD’s to watch until i remembered my Manga Collection. From this post on i will Show what i am reading out of my Backlog of Manga starting with these.

Hellsing Vol.5-9

Trigun Vol.1-2

Trigun Maximum Vol.1-12

I”s Vol.1-15

Dears Vol.1-8

Kingdom Hearts Vol.1-4

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol.1-2

Kingdom Hearts II Vol.1

So Keep checking Back to see what i will be reading in the Backlog List. See you in Part 2.




New Years Resolutions


My New Years Resolutions…

1.Blog More

2.Watch All Anime & Japanese Live Action DVD’s i buy and don’t get backed up

3.Catch up on Manga i need to read and buy

4.Stay Healthy Eat Right and Lose Weight

5.Go to more Conventions


7.Make New Friends

8.Buy More Figures lol

9.Play More Video Games

10.Learn to read,write and speak Japanese

Gonna be a heck of a year!!!



Final Fantasy XII – PS2

Well last Night i started playing Final Fantasy XII on the PS2 again, i think i decided to play to reimburse myself back into that world so i can go into playing Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings for the DS. I totally forgot that the cg was totally awesome for that game and you have to play for awhile before you save. Well i’m gonna tackle some more tonight since all my good shows are on hiatus till next year.



Backlog of DVD’s

I just went through all my DVD’s & Bluray i havn’t watched yet and jeez i have alot to catch up on. Once i get these watched i am never gonna get this backed up again. I need to stop buying so much but i can’t, i am such an Otaku!!!

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