Small Gamestop Rant

Does anyone else hate that Gamestop opens the games and sells them to you? I know i do, how do we know if they are selling us a new game, We Don’t!! Just the other day i went to Gamestop and they tried to sell me a New Game with out a box for 20.00 bucks WTF!! I think Gamestop needs to change their sell open game policy or they will soon lose my business and alot more. Only way you can get a new game unopened is to get it at launch. Does anyone else hate that?


Novel Sale

I am selling some of my Novels that are Anime/Manga Based so i can clear some of my Collection. Here is a list of what i am selling. These are sold in sets and once they are Sold they are Sold, shipping will be estimated when i find out what state you live in. U.S. Shipping Only!!!. Please Contact me at

Vampire Hunter D Novel Vol. 1-3 – 12.00
Blood + Novel – By: Ryo Ikehata & Illustrated By: Chizu Hashii Vol.1 – (First Kiss) – 5.00 – Sold
Blood The Last Vampire Novel: Night of the Beasts – By: Mamoru Oshii – 5.00 – Sold
Kouga Ninja Scrolls Novel – By: Futaro Yamada – Novel The Anime and Manga – Basilisk was Based on – 4.00
Boogiepop and Others Novel – By: Kouhei Kadono -3.00  – Sold
Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator Novel – By: Kouhei Kadono Vol.1 – 3.00 – Sold
Slayers Novel Vol. 1-5 – 15.00
Scrapped Princess Novel – By: Ichiro Sakaki Vol.1-3 10.00 – Sold
Devil May Cry Novel Vol. 1-2 8.00 – Sold
Chibi Vampire The Novel Vol. 1-2 – 5.00
Trinity Blood: Rage Against The Moons Vol.1 -3.50 – Sold
Trinity Blood: Reborn on the Mars Vol.1 – 3.50 – Sold
Full Metal Panic Novel Vol.1 – 4.00 – Sold
FullMetal Alchemist Novel – Vol. 1 – 4 – 20.00
Shakugan No Shana Novel: The Girl with Fire in Her Eyes – 4.00 – Sold

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

ZombieLand Movie Trailer

SasaharaX: This looks like a cool Movie.

Louisiana Arcade Gamers!!

If anyone from Louisiana (Especially Monroe,Louisiana) i am looking for Arcades or places with Arcade Machines. I know a few places in town but not all of them. Any game from Pinball to Mario. So if you know any places drop me a line.

Transformers Music Videos


Here is some 80’s Nostalgia for all you Transformers Otaku. Stan Bush’s The Touch Music Video from the Transformers Movie. A Classic in it’s own rights.

I had to add a few more videos, Till all are One that Stan Bush Performed at Botcon 2007.

Dare by Stan Bush from Transformers The Movie

Transformers Movie Theme by: Lion

Transformers Movie Theme by: Black Lab

N.R.G. – Instruments of Destruction From Transformers The Movie

Transformers Music from Japan (Thanks to KalelPrime for posting this Video on Youtube)

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!


Happy Memorial Day everyone who reads my Blog. I hope you have a great time at the BBQ’a you go to, and don’t eat or drink to much. And be safe.