My New Blog

Ok i jumped ships and went back to blogger as a blog platform for now. Here is the link to my new blog.


Novel Sale

I am selling some of my Novels that are Anime/Manga Based so i can clear some of my Collection. Here is a list of what i am selling. These are sold in sets and once they are Sold they are Sold, shipping will be estimated when i find out what state you live in. U.S. Shipping Only!!!. Please Contact me at

Vampire Hunter D Novel Vol. 1-3 – 12.00
Blood + Novel – By: Ryo Ikehata & Illustrated By: Chizu Hashii Vol.1 – (First Kiss) – 5.00 – Sold
Blood The Last Vampire Novel: Night of the Beasts – By: Mamoru Oshii – 5.00 – Sold
Kouga Ninja Scrolls Novel – By: Futaro Yamada – Novel The Anime and Manga – Basilisk was Based on – 4.00
Boogiepop and Others Novel – By: Kouhei Kadono -3.00  – Sold
Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator Novel – By: Kouhei Kadono Vol.1 – 3.00 – Sold
Slayers Novel Vol. 1-5 – 15.00
Scrapped Princess Novel – By: Ichiro Sakaki Vol.1-3 10.00 – Sold
Devil May Cry Novel Vol. 1-2 8.00 – Sold
Chibi Vampire The Novel Vol. 1-2 – 5.00
Trinity Blood: Rage Against The Moons Vol.1 -3.50 – Sold
Trinity Blood: Reborn on the Mars Vol.1 – 3.50 – Sold
Full Metal Panic Novel Vol.1 – 4.00 – Sold
FullMetal Alchemist Novel – Vol. 1 – 4 – 20.00
Shakugan No Shana Novel: The Girl with Fire in Her Eyes – 4.00 – Sold

Louisiana Arcade Gamers!!

If anyone from Louisiana (Especially Monroe,Louisiana) i am looking for Arcades or places with Arcade Machines. I know a few places in town but not all of them. Any game from Pinball to Mario. So if you know any places drop me a line.

Resident Evil 5 is upon us!!

Well Resident Evil 5 Launch’s at Midnight, i was gonna go and wait in line but it got cold here again and i don’t wanna end up sick for standing in the light rain and cold. I will go in the moring to pick it up if i don’t change my mind and go to the midnight launch anyway, i usually always change my mind at the last minute. For those who are braving the cold (if it’s cold where you are) i salute you. But i will enjoy my copy tomorrow. Can’t wait to break that special edition open it for the Chris Redfield figure.  Well i think i’m gonna play some .hack//G.U. Prt.2 and eat some Pizza.



Manga Backlog Part 1

I thought i had a large Backlog of Anime DVD’s to watch until i remembered my Manga Collection. From this post on i will Show what i am reading out of my Backlog of Manga starting with these.

Hellsing Vol.5-9

Trigun Vol.1-2

Trigun Maximum Vol.1-12

I”s Vol.1-15

Dears Vol.1-8

Kingdom Hearts Vol.1-4

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol.1-2

Kingdom Hearts II Vol.1

So Keep checking Back to see what i will be reading in the Backlog List. See you in Part 2.



My Cleaned Up Anime Collection with Figures

Follow up Post to my Messy Collection, got 2 new Book Shelves and did a lot of dusting in a 3 day period, but got it done. I’m still running out of room though since my room is so small =(.

Shelf 1:

Shelf 2:

Shelf 3:

Have a Merry Anime