AT&T Blocking Part of 4chan

Popular /b/ board blocked

According to a status update by 4chan maintainer moot, AT&T is blocking its customers from accessing parts of the 4chan message boards, including /b/ (“random”), which is responsible for 30% of 4chan’s traffic.

4chan’s /b/ section is infamous for its “no rules” policy, with the only rules being a ban on certain illegal content, such as child-pornography (although virtual child-pornography is tolerated), and “invasions” (organized incursions into and flooding of other online communities).

AT&T has made no statement explaining or even confirming the action.

Originally an English spin off of the Japanese 2chan BBS, 4chan has become immensely popular in its own right.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork


GUNDAM 1/1 scale Odaiba お台場ガンダム実物大

Over on Youtube, JetDaisuke posted video of the Giant Gundam. Check it out pretty cool.

This Video is from Danny Choo..

Misato Reading The News!!!!!

Louisiana Arcade Gamers!!

If anyone from Louisiana (Especially Monroe,Louisiana) i am looking for Arcades or places with Arcade Machines. I know a few places in town but not all of them. Any game from Pinball to Mario. So if you know any places drop me a line.

Transformers Music Videos


Here is some 80’s Nostalgia for all you Transformers Otaku. Stan Bush’s The Touch Music Video from the Transformers Movie. A Classic in it’s own rights.

I had to add a few more videos, Till all are One that Stan Bush Performed at Botcon 2007.

Dare by Stan Bush from Transformers The Movie

Transformers Movie Theme by: Lion

Transformers Movie Theme by: Black Lab

N.R.G. – Instruments of Destruction From Transformers The Movie

Transformers Music from Japan (Thanks to KalelPrime for posting this Video on Youtube)