Dark Horse, Universal Negotiating on Clover Movie


No deal signed yet for CLAMP‘s fantasy romance manga.

The North American publisher Dark Horse Comics has revealed at its Comic-Con International panel on Saturday that it is negotiating with the Universal film studio on the rights to develop a movie based on CLAMP‘s Clover manga. However, the two companies have not made a deal yet. Dark Horse acquired the North American rights to publish the manga last year after Tokyopop had previously published it.

Source: AnimeNews Network


Manga Purchases 7/22/09

Picked up Yen Plus August 2009,Shonen Jump August 2009 and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol.3.

Comics, Manga & Magazine Purchases 7/08/09

Picked up some cool comics today, i got Batman #530,531,532 & 688, Green Lantern #43,Wednesday Comics #1, North 40 #1, The Unwritten #3, GenNext:: United #3, X-Men Forever #3, MS Marvel #41, Gold Digger #108, Gold Digger: Peebo Tales #5, Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #17, and Street Fighter II Turbo #7. On the Manga side i got NightWarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge for 3.50 and i picked up Girls of Gaming Vol.5.

Manga & Comic Book Purchases 6/25/09

Went back and picked up some Manga and Comics. I got Yokai Doctor Vol.1, AmeFurashi Vol.1 for 4.00 a piece and also picked up Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.6 Trade and the newest issue of The Runaways  #11.

Manga & Magazine Purchases 6/24/09

Picked up Spiral Vol.7, Pig Bride Vol.1. Nightschool Vol.1, Girls of Gaming Vol.3,Playstation Magazine August 2009 and Megami Magazine March 2009 today.

Recent Manga Purchases for 6/19/09


Sorry for the late post on this, had ISP Issues. Finally got my order in from Rightstuf  for Vampire Hunter D Manga Vol.3 Published by DMP. This is a great series and i recommend picking it up. Also recommend the Novel Series that Darkhorse Published too.

Manga & Magazine Purchases 6/10/09

Picked up Black God Vol.6 from Yen Press and the March & April 2009 Newtype Japans.