Figures,Comics,Magazines & Book Purchases 7/30/09

Got 2 new figures for my collection today, they were Fraulein Revoltech Suzumiya Haruhi Bunny Costume  and Nagato Yuki Witch Figure from the Anime Series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. They are very cool figures and come with lots of different ways for posing. Check out the pictures below.

I also went out today to the Comic and Book Shop and picked up some cool stuff, at the comic shop i picked up Free Realms #1.Star Wars: Legacy #38 and Megami Magazine May 2009. At the book shop i picked up some comics also. The ones i got were Star Wars: The Clone Wars #7,Star Wars: Legacy #37,Star Wars: Knights of the Republic #43 and Star Wars: Dark Times #13. The Books i picked up were Doctor Who: Prisoner of Daleks – By: Trevor Baxendale, Star Wars: Darth Maul – Shadow Hunter – By: Michael Reaves, Star Wars: Darth Bane – Rule of Two – By: Drew Karpyshyn and Star Wars Magazine #111. Also stopped in at the Walmart and picked up Archie Digest #200 which started a 4 part story by Norm Breyfogle called Archie Goodbye Forever which is part of their Archie New Look Series. Pics of all the stuff below. Well thats it for this week for purchases.


Figures,Comics & Magazine Purchases 7/29/09

Picked up some pretty good books and stuff today.

I went to target and found 2 Star Wars Mighty Muggs for 2.47 each, they were Gran Moff Tarkin and Count Dooku. It’s like i have my very own Star Wars Hammer Horror Reunion lol.

Also got Magazine wise for the May2009 Issue of Newtype Japan.


Also got some cool Comics too, like TMNT Collected Volume 1 (Collect’s #1-11) i can’t wait to read this,This is Wildstorm Universe #0 (Free)¬† Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 ,Wednesday Comics #4 and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #57 (Both Covers).

I gotta go back later this week for some more books.

Magazine Purchases 7/22/09

Picked up Doctor Who Magazine #410,Torchwood Magazine #16,Playstation Magazine September 2009 and Otaku U.S.A. August 2009.

Comics, Manga & Magazine Purchases 7/08/09

Picked up some cool comics today, i got Batman #530,531,532 & 688, Green Lantern #43,Wednesday Comics #1, North 40 #1, The Unwritten #3, GenNext:: United #3, X-Men Forever #3, MS Marvel #41, Gold Digger #108, Gold Digger: Peebo Tales #5, Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #17, and Street Fighter II Turbo #7. On the Manga side i got NightWarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge for 3.50 and i picked up Girls of Gaming Vol.5.

Magazine Purchases 7/03/09

Got some cool Pre-4th of July Mags in today from Akadot Retail. Got the June & July 2009 Issue of Newtype Japan. The June Issue came with a FullMetal Alchemist Pencil Board and a Gundam 00 Veda Report, and the July Issue came with a Limited Edition Asuka T-Shirt.

Comics & Magazine Purchases 7/1/09

Picked up some pretty cool Comics today. I got X-Men Origins: Gambit #1, Batman and Robin #2,Green Lantern Corps #38, Bang Tango #6, Greek Street #1, Witchblade #128, Savage Dragon #150 Variant, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #26, Bad Kids Go To Hell #1, Gold Digger Tech Manual #5, BattleStar Galactica: The Final Five #4, Escape From Wonderland #0 (Both Covers), Comic AG #106, Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #8, Farscape: Starnge Detractor’s #4, Doctor Who Magazine #409 and Nintendo Power August 2009. Got alot of reading for this weekend.

Comic Book Purchases 6/24/09`

Picked up some pretty cool Comics this week..


X-Men Forever (Vol.2) #2, Punisher: War Journal #1, Timestorm 2009-2099: X-Men #1, MS. Marvel #40, The Amazing Spider-Man #598, Superman/Batman #’s57,58,59, Green Lantern #42, The Literals #3, Wildstorm Winter Special 2005, Savage Dragon #149, Fusion #2, Furrlough Color Special #1, Leprechaun #2,Farscape: D’Argo’s Lament #3, OZ/Wonderland Chronicles: Jack & Cat Tales #1, Predator (New Series) #1 , Grimm Fairy Tales #39, Tales from Wonderland: The Red Queen #1 and Doctor Who Magazine #407.