Video Game,DVD & Action Figure Purchases 5/06/09

Went out and picked up Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin for the DS for 9.99, also finally got Tokyo Gore Police on DVD. Also went back to Toys ‘r’ Us and picked up the 6.5 Inch Godzilla 1968 Figure and the Godzilla Millenium Edition Figure, i hope they put out more Godzilla Figures that are as cool as these.


Best Buy Anime Sale Prt.2

Went back to Best Buy today for some more anime, the 1st stop i made there i picked up Tsubasa Season 1 Box for 24.99,Fate/Stay Night Box for 24.99 and Space Pirate Mito Complete Collection for 6.99. The 2nd stop there i picked up The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Collector’s Edition for 17.99 and Happy Lesson Teacher’s Pet Collection. I have gone on a spending spree, there were still a few other things i wanted but i have to wait awhile.

Best Buy Anime Sale Prt.1

Went to Best Buy today to check out their Anime Section and the 50% Sale, i was saddened when i was told the Blu-Ray Anime Titles were not on sale. I did pick up 3 Box Sets i wanted which is Rahxephon Grand Canon Collection for 34.99, DNAngel Complete Box Set for 24.99 and Air Gear Box Set for 24,99. Plan on going back Wednesday for a couple more titles if they still have them.

Anime DVD Purchases 2/25/09

Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl- Box Set – Volumes 1-3) – Media Blasters/Anime Works

Live Action DVD Purchases 1/31/09

Picked up The Locker on DVD for $4.00 over at RightStuf which is a good deal. This was a very good movie and i have been wanting to pick it up for now and what is even cooler, you get the second movie also.

Anime DVD Purchases 1/31/09

Wow for the last day in January i got a Big Box in from Rightstuf. They had some good Deals on Anime DVD’s from Geneon i needed and 3 DVD’s from ADV i wanted. As you can see in the Pic i picked up Jubei Chan 2 Vol.2-4 for $7.00 a DVD so now i can finish that up. Also grabbed Comic Party Revolution Vol.1-3 for $6.00 a DVD which was cheaper than the thin pack . Also¬† Picked up Koi kaze Vol.3 for $6.00 and the 1st Volume of Panda Z with Figure for $6.00. Now i have a lot more to add to my to watch back log dvd LIST.

Anime DVD Purchases 1/15/09

Steamboy Director’s Cut – Sony Pictures

SasaharaX: Found this in the 6.99 Bin at FYE, least they finally had something decent for me to buy.