Comic Book & Book Purchases 8/5/09

Went out and picked some cool comics up this week, pretty much every week something cool comes out. This week i got Amazing Spider-man #601,Buffy the Vampire Slayer #27,Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #9,Gold Digger: Tiffany & Charlotte – 2nd Semester 32,Hack/Slash #24,Incarnate #1 (Nick Simmons Comic),North 40 #2,Ninja Highschool #172,Street Fighter IV #3,Star Wars: Dark Times – Blue Harvest #0,Star Wars: Invasion #1,2,Wednesday Comics #5. I also picked up 2 Star Wars books which were Star Wars: Rogue Planet – By: Greg Bear and Star Wars: The Approaching Storm – By: Alan Dead Foster. Well thats all for this week. Pics Below.


Book’s & Game Purchases 7/27/09

Picked up some new books to read for the rest of the summer, i got the 1st 7 books of the Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood) – By: Charlaine harris and Star Wars: Darth Bane – Path of Destruction – By: Drew Karpyshyn (Gonna star reading the Star Wars Novels in Continuity). Also went to Gamestop and picked up Star Wars: The Force Unleased for the PS3 since it was 19.99.

2nd Haruhi Novel Slated for October in North America

Little, Brown Books posts 28-page preview of The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya

The North American imprint Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has announced that Nagaru Tanigawa’s second Haruhi Suzumiya light novel, The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, will ship in English this October. The Hachette Book Group has posted a 28-page preview of the second novel online. Little, Brown Books published the first novel, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, this spring. Both novels revolve around a weird but beautiful girl named Haruhi Suzumiya and her high school mates, who deal with more than they bargained for in their club to explore extraordinary phenomena and other hi-jinks. Tanigawa’s novels (with illustrations by Noizi Ito) inspired both a manga series that Yen Press is publishing in North America and an anime series that Bandai Entertainment released.

Source: Nebs Blog

Book Purchases 4/01/09

Robots,Spaceships & Other Toys  – Taschen Publishing

Video Game Book Purchases 1/02/09

Arcade Mania (The Turbo-Charged World of Japan’s Game Centers) – By: Brian Ashcraft with Jean Snow – Kodansha