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This Blog will be about Anime,Manga,Video Games,Electronics,all things Japanese,Figures ,Models,Comic Books, Movies, T.V. or anything else i find cool,fun and Geeky .



  1. Hello. You have a awesome anime collection! Congratulations 🙂

    I want to ask two questions:
    Did Misato Katsuragi shoot and kill Ryoji Kaji?
    It is true that Edward Norton will be Gendo Ikari in the movie Evangelion Live Action?


    • Thank You!!

      1. It’s still up in the air who actually shot him, but i think it was Gendo who did it. But if it was Misato i would be really shocked, since he did know who did it. But i don’t think Misato would of done it.

      2. As far as the Evangelion Movie goes it’s still in development and no casting has been done so everything is pretty much rumors. Plus i don’t think it will ever be out. But to note the 1st of the new revamped Evangelion Movies will be released this year and i can tell you it was really good.

  2. Hey. Was checking out your site and saw the Animenation sale post. You should sign up for their affiliate program as well as the programs for the retailers linked on your side bar Amazon, Jlist, Rigtstuf, Play Asia etc. That way if someone does visit those sites from here you’ll earn a commission.

  3. I signed up for Amazon Affiliate, but from what i read on here you have to have a hosted blog for wordpress before you can add it. Unless i am missing something. Not that good with coding and stuf.

  4. I don’t think that matters. And there isn’t any coding required you get an affiliate URL after being accepted to the program and then just replace with your current link to their site. Most programs also have simple instructions and provide the code for linking to specific items or pages on their site. You just cut and paste.

  5. Well i did that last night/early morning with my amazon affiliate program. But i’m still checking out some of the other companies. Edit: Just signed up for Animenation Affiliate, doubt i will get it though.

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