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Ok i jumped ships and went back to blogger as a blog platform for now. Here is the link to my new blog.


Comic Book & Book Purchases 8/5/09

Went out and picked some cool comics up this week, pretty much every week something cool comes out. This week i got Amazing Spider-man #601,Buffy the Vampire Slayer #27,Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #9,Gold Digger: Tiffany & Charlotte – 2nd Semester 32,Hack/Slash #24,Incarnate #1 (Nick Simmons Comic),North 40 #2,Ninja Highschool #172,Street Fighter IV #3,Star Wars: Dark Times – Blue Harvest #0,Star Wars: Invasion #1,2,Wednesday Comics #5. I also picked up 2 Star Wars books which were Star Wars: Rogue Planet – By: Greg Bear and Star Wars: The Approaching Storm – By: Alan Dead Foster. Well thats all for this week. Pics Below.

Optimus Prime In A More Familiar, Downloadable Outfit

This summer, you will be able to add to the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen roster through the magic of downloadable content. We don’t know when, we don’t know for how much. We do know this robot, though.

Activision has released more images of Transformers that will be part of the bundle. We’ve got original-style Optimus Prime and new-style Soundwave.

These two robots join the original Starscream, the new TK and others for this upcoming DLC pack.


Japanese Voice Actress Getting Her First Trading Cards

When we were kids, we collected baseball cards. Jose Canseco, Mark Grace and Ken Griffey, Jr. In Japan, kids these days (hey, more like adults!) can collect voice actress cards.

Vocal thespian Rie Tanaka (Phantasy Star Portable, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3) is releasing her first set of “trading cards” this September.

One pack will set you back ¥525 (US$5.50), while a box is priced at ¥6,300 ($66). A carton is ¥107,100 ($1,100). There are 147 different cards. Collect ’em all!