RoboGeisha Trailer

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Video Game Purchase 6/30/09

Went to Gamestop this afternoon and got my copy of BlazBlue for the PS3. I havn’t played it yet but it came with a soundtrack, can’t wait to listen to it.

Comic Purchases for 6/26/09


Picked up Buffy the Vampire Slayer #’s 1,2,3 today. I had these along time ago but sold them. Now i am regretting it.

Manga & Comic Book Purchases 6/25/09

Went back and picked up some Manga and Comics. I got Yokai Doctor Vol.1, AmeFurashi Vol.1 for 4.00 a piece and also picked up Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.6 Trade and the newest issue of The Runaways  #11.

Comic Book Purchases 6/24/09`

Picked up some pretty cool Comics this week..


X-Men Forever (Vol.2) #2, Punisher: War Journal #1, Timestorm 2009-2099: X-Men #1, MS. Marvel #40, The Amazing Spider-Man #598, Superman/Batman #’s57,58,59, Green Lantern #42, The Literals #3, Wildstorm Winter Special 2005, Savage Dragon #149, Fusion #2, Furrlough Color Special #1, Leprechaun #2,Farscape: D’Argo’s Lament #3, OZ/Wonderland Chronicles: Jack & Cat Tales #1, Predator (New Series) #1 , Grimm Fairy Tales #39, Tales from Wonderland: The Red Queen #1 and Doctor Who Magazine #407.

Manga & Magazine Purchases 6/24/09

Picked up Spiral Vol.7, Pig Bride Vol.1. Nightschool Vol.1, Girls of Gaming Vol.3,Playstation Magazine August 2009 and Megami Magazine March 2009 today.

ZombieLand Movie Trailer

SasaharaX: This looks like a cool Movie.