Video Game Purchases 1/31/09

I decided to pick up a Used Copy of Half-Life for the PS2 because i heard it was a cool game.


Manga Purchases 1/31/09

I didn’t buy very much manga this week, but i did pick up Shojo Beat Volume 5 Issue 3 – March 2009 and AG Super Erotci Anthology #97.

Live Action DVD Purchases 1/31/09

Picked up The Locker on DVD for $4.00 over at RightStuf which is a good deal. This was a very good movie and i have been wanting to pick it up for now and what is even cooler, you get the second movie also.

Anime DVD Purchases 1/31/09

Wow for the last day in January i got a Big Box in from Rightstuf. They had some good Deals on Anime DVD’s from Geneon i needed and 3 DVD’s from ADV i wanted. As you can see in the Pic i picked up Jubei Chan 2 Vol.2-4 for $7.00 a DVD so now i can finish that up. Also grabbed Comic Party Revolution Vol.1-3 for $6.00 a DVD which was cheaper than the thin pack . Also¬† Picked up Koi kaze Vol.3 for $6.00 and the 1st Volume of Panda Z with Figure for $6.00. Now i have a lot more to add to my to watch back log dvd LIST.

Anime Purchases 1/26/09

Today i got Lucky Star Vol.5 Limited Edition, which contained a Konata & Patty CD and a Boy’s Uniform Print T-Shirt all from the great people at Bandai. I can’t wait till Volume 6 to see how this wonderful series ends.

Manga Magazine Purchases 1/23/09

Asuka Manga Magazine #2 – February 2009

Manga Purchases 1/21/09

Gantz Volume 2 – Darkhorse

Ghost Talkers Daydream Volume 2 – Darkhorse

After School Nightmare Volume10 – Go! Comi