PS3 Conspiracy???

Ok, for the past year i have seen nothing but articles from sites from top Video game sites bashing the PS3. I know it’s not a conspiracy but it seems that everyone is supporting Microsoft who has been selling faulty units since the release of the 360. Sure the PS3 is expensive and Sony does need a price drop soon, but the PS3 seems to be built to last. But if you buy a Microsoft XBOX 360 Arcade (hopefully a new Jasper Model they are out now), you spend $200 for the system, another $100 for the harddrive, another $100 for WiFi, and another $50 for 1 year of live, thats $450. So how is that cheaper than a PS3. Still if you buy a Pro or elite you still spend $350 for the Pro (thats with wifi and live) and $550 for the Elite (with Wifi & Live). Where as the PS3 40 Gig and 80 Gig are $399 and the 160 GB is $499 and thats with Wifi and free Online out of the Box. So which one would you choose? Me i would choose the PS3, but it doesn’t matter most exclusives for each system are not worth playing and games are always going Multi-Platform anyway. So all in go for which ever you like thats the way to do it. But the point is also is Microsoft paying websites and other magazines to bash the PS3? Like i said it’s just a conspiracy theory like who shot JFK and Roswell Coverup. So thats my rant, feel free to bash me for this.




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