Recent Video Game Purchases

Nintendo Wii Wheel

One Piece Unlimited Adventure – Wii

Bleach: Shattered Blade – Wii

Recent Anime DVD Purchases

Ghost Hunt Season 1 Prt.1 – Funimation

Rumbling Hearts Complete Set – Funimation

5 Centimeteres Per Second – ADV

Yu Yu hakusho Season 1 – Funimation

Recent Magazine Purchases

Newtype Japan September and October 2008

Megami Magazine September and October 2008

Asuka  Magazine #9,10,11

Hobby Japan #10

Wizard Anime Insider #62

Yen Plus Magazine #4

Shonen Jump December 2008

Recent Manga & Novel Purchases

Air gear Col.9 – DelRey

Full Metal Panic Novel Vol.3 – TokyoPop

Welcome to the N.H.K. Vol.7 & 8 – TokyoPop

Boogiepop at Dawn Novel – Seven Seas

Enchanter Vol.9 – DMP

Densha otoko Vol.1,2,3 – CMX

Yggdrasil Vol.2 – Go Comi

He is My Master Vol.4 – Seven Seas

Sundome Vol.3 – Yen Press

Hellsing Vol.9 – Dark Horse

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Vol.2 – Bandai