Death Note Live Action Movie Event

Hello!!! Just got back from seeing the Death Note Live Action Movie at the Cinema which was part of the Fathom 2 Night Event. Seeing it on the big screen was cool, but i could of liked it better if it was subbed, though the dub was good i do prefer my Live Action Subbed. Now the theater experience could of been better, there were some “Kids” making alot of noise when it wasn’t called for, hopefully when i see Bleach next month it will be a better experience. The 20 minute behind the scenes after the movie was great also. If u have a chance to see Death Note at the theater go see it.




Finally Got A Ps3

I Finally got a PS3 which explains my absence from posting!!!!

Lucky Star Volume 1 Limited Edition

School Uniform T-Shirt Front

School Uniform T-Shirt Back