Free Magazine for Japanese Cosplay Events Launched

CosPick” to feature nationwide cosplay event listings

Following the debut of Japan’s first free manga magazine earlier this year, Japan’s first free magazine for cosplayers and costuming enthusiasts has arrived. However, the magazine isn’t just another magazine for cosplayers; it’s also a guide that many fans have been asking for.

“CosPick”, which was launched on August 17 and will be released on a bi-monthly basis, functions mainly as a guide to cosplay-themed events across Japan. Although online guides already exist to promote manga events and doujinshi markets (such as Studio You), a guide to events for Japanese cosplayers has essentially not existed. The magazine, along with its website, were created by the media company Cross Bridge, which also runs the online Akihabara information program Akiba TV.The next issue of the magazine is scheduled for release on September 28.

Traditionally, cosplay events in Japan are organized by local fans. As a consequence, cosplayers in Japan usually learn about events and gatherings through e-mails, blogs and word of mouth. The listings in “CosPick” include events across Japan, along with advertisements for hotels and restuarants in the areas surrounding each event so that cosplayers can find accomodations ahead of time. The idea has been successful so far; the magazine managed to distribute about 6500 magazines at Comic Market 72 in Tokyo last month.

Source: IT Media


News for 9-19-07

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Trailer Online

The official homepage for the upcoming Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations OVA series now hosts a downloadable 15 second long trailer. The first of three OVAs is scheduled for Japanese release as a premium with the limited edition Tsubasa -Reservoir Chronicle- volume 21 manga that goes on sale in Japan on November 16th.

Broadcast of School Days Final Episode Canceled

The Mainichi Daily News reports that during the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, September 18th, a 45 year old police sergeant employed by the Minami Police Depeartment in Kyoto, Japan, was murdered by his 16 year old daughter, who attacked him with an axe. In response to the shocking crime, the TV Kanagawa, Chiba TV, and Aichi TV networks canceled their broadcasts of the final episode of the School Days anime television series because the episode depicted a high school age girl committing an act of bloody violence.

The episode had already been partially censored before its planned TV broadcast. Animation studio TNK apparently made the blood depicted in the episode black instead of bright red; however, for reasons of tact, the censoring was not deemed sufficient. Reportedly satellite TV network AT-X, which airs anime with age appropriate advisory messages, has not yet decided if it will broadcast the episode.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

CMX Announces New Titles

CMX has revealed its acquisition of translation and distribution rights to Yu Yagami’s four volume “Go West,” and three volume “Dokkoida?!” comedy manga series. The first volume of Dokkoida will be released next February. The first volume of Go West will debut in November 2008.

CMX has also announced plans to distribute American editions of Daisuke Torii’s “Zombie Fairy” manga, and Arashi Shindo’s “Leader’s High!” manga. Both titles are published in Japan by DC Comics’ partner company Flex Comics.

Source: Publisher’s Weekly

Viz Pictures Acquires Live Action Death Note Films

Viz Pictures has formally announced its acquisition of North American distribution rights to the two live action Death Note motion pictures, based on the successful manga by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata. Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name will premier at the Austin, Texas Fantastic Fest film festival held from September 20-27, and at the 2007 Vancouver Asian Film Festival, November 1-4. Limited theatrical screenings will continue throughout 2008 with a DVD release of both films coming next summer.

Tokyo University to Teach Anime

Japan’s Yahoo News has reported that the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, regarded as one of Japan’s finest schools for the arts, is developing a curriculum specializing in anime production and research.

While other Japanese universities including the Kyoto Seika University offer courses in manga and anime study and production, and the Bunkyo Gakuin University, Hongo Campus currently offers public seminars on anime history and production, this new curriculum at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music will be Japan’s first university to offer a major in the study of anime.

Source: Canned Dogs

News for the Day 9-17-07

New CG Anime Announced

The official Japanese homepage for the upcoming Hoshi no Umi no Amuri ~ Amuri in Star Ocean full CG anime sci-fi/action/adventure OVA series is now online. The website’s “intro” and “story” sections feature streaming footage from the anime.

The 30 minute long first episode is scheduled for Japanese DVD release on November 13th. The second episode will be released on February 22, 2008, and the third episode on June 27, 2008.

Source: Moon Phase

Kite Liberator Trailer Released

The official Kite Liberator homepage now hosts a streaming trailer for the upcoming OVA. Please note that the trailer contains graphic violence. The Kite Liberator teaser footage appears in the final quarter of the trailer.

Source: Moon Phase

Monochrome Factor Anime Announced

Comic Blade Avarus Magazine has formally announced that Sorano Kairi’s supernatural fantasy manga series Monochrome Factor will be adapted into an anime. No further details are available yet.

Source: Moon Phase

HaruToki 3 Special Announced

An official announcement that a Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Kurenai no Tsuki TV special will air on the Japanese Kids Station television network in December has appeared online.

Source: Moon Phase

Yattokame Tanteidan Anime Scheduled

Although first announced over a year ago, the anime television series adaptation of Shimizu Yoshinori’s “Yattokame Tanteidan” (At Last! Turtle Detective Agency) mystery novel series will premier as a two-season long anime television series airing at 7 AM on Sunday mornings on Nogoya area television stations beginning October 7th.

Source: Sanyutei Enjou Rakugo no Sekai

Gonzo Does Robo Rock

The official Japanese homepage for the upcoming live action adventure comedy movie Robo Rock now hosts a streaming trailer. (Click on the flying robot to access the trailer.) The movie features a full CG giant robot animated by Japanese anime production studio Gonzo. The movie is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters in November.

Source: Twitch

Rental Magica Trailer Online

The official Japanese homepage for the upcoming Rental Magica anime television series now hosts a streaming 90 second long trailer. The anime is scheduled to premier next month.

Source: Moon Phase

Sensei no Chonmage Anime Announced

The current issue of Japan’s Comic Ran Twins Magazine has formally announced that the “Sengoku Gakudou Nikki: Sensei no Chonmage” (Diary of a Student During the Warring States Era: Teacher’s Top-knot) historical comedy manga will be adapted into a television anime. The animation will premier on October 6th as a series of shorts included within the ongoing Konna Gakkou Aienai!! Fightension School anime variety program.

Source: Ultimatum

New Anime Series Websites Opened

Japanese television network MBS has opened its official homepage for the Shakugan no Shana Second television series, which is scheduled to premier on October 4th.

Broadcaster TV Tokyo has opened its official homepage for the upcoming Maple Story anime television series, based on the popular Korean online game. The TV series is scheduled to premier on October 7th.

New Hoihoi-san Anime Announced?

An unverified, anonymous post on the Japanese Moon Phase message board claims that the first issue of Dengeki Kuro Maoh Magazine will include an announcement that an Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoihoi-san anime television series will premier on the TV Tokyo network in January.

Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoihoi-san debuted in November 2003 as a Playstation 2 action game developed by Konami. It was shortly later adapted into a manga by Kunihiko Tanaka. The 2004 release of the limited edition Hoihoi-san manga tankouban included a short bonus anime OVA.

Update, September 17, 2007
The Moon Phase message board has revised its initial post, now denying the rumors of a Hoihoi-san anime TV series.

New .hack//G.U. Trilogy OVA Set for January 25 Release

CyberConnect2 studio has announced a new 85-minute .hack//G.U. Trilogy OVA, based on the three popular .hack//G.U. role-playing games, that Bandai Namco Games and Bandai Visual will release on January 25 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in Japan. This first high-definition .hack release will include 10 minutes of bonus features. The story is set within The World R:2 fictional net game in the year 2017 and follows the in-game characters of Haseo, Atoli, and Ovan. A promotional movie for the OVA will be premiere at next week’s Tokyo Game Show 2007.

Source: Saishin Anime Jōhō

Haruhi Game Showcased with Interactive 3D Web Haruhi

Update: To promote The Promise of Haruhi Suzumiya PSP adventure game with its exclusive “Motion Portrait” CG modeling of the characters and “Seamless Operation System” for gameplay, Bandai Namco Games has posted an interactive 3D sample of Haruhi’s head. The 3D-modeled, cel-shaded head and chest of Haruhi responds with uncanny facial expressions to mouse movement.

Source: Kotaku

News for the Day 9-13-07

Night Wizard Trailer Released

The official homepage for the upcoming Night Wizard anime television series now hosts a streaming trailer in low and high Windows media and low and high Real Media formats. The series is scheduled to premier on October 2nd.

Source: Moon Phase

Kodomo no Jikan OVA Online

The official Kodomo no Jikan television series homepage now hosts a streaming version of the upcoming television series’ home video exclusive OVA episode. The DVD version of the episode will be included as a bonus feature with the limited edition release of the fourth Kodomo no Jikan manga volume. The 30 minute long episode is available for viewing in 500k and 1mb resolutions. The Kodomo no Jikan television series is scheduled to premier on October 11th.

Source: Moon Phase

New Nasu Trailer Online

The official Nasu: Suitcase no Wataridori OVA homepage now hosts a new streaming trailer for the October 24th DVD release.

Source: Moon Phase

New Kara no Kyoukai Trailer Released

The official Kara no Kyoukai movie homepage now hosts a streaming version of the Comic Market 72 trailer. The movie is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters in December.

Source: Canned Dogs

New Anime Films Announced

Weekly Young Sunday Magazine has announced that Takeshi Natsuhara & Kuromaru’s crime/suspense manga series Kurosagi, and Motaro Mase’s dramatic manga series Ikigami will both be developed into feature films for Japanese release next year. The announcements do not clarify if the films will be animated or live action.

Source: Anime News Network

Genshiken 2 Anime Television Series Promo Video Posted

The official Japanese website for Genshiken college otaku comedy franchise has posted a promotional video for the Genshiken 2 sequel television series. The Monday update also includes broadcast updates, new character designs, cast quotes from the recording sessions, and information on the opening and ending theme CD singles. The series premieres on October 9 in Japan.

Source: Moon Phase