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Hakaba Kitaro Anime Announced

Toei has announced plans to adapt Shigeru Mizuki’s original version of GeGeGe no Kitaro, Hakaba Kitaro, as an anime TV series.
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Aria Third TV Series Announced

According to the October issue of Comic Blade magazine a third Aria TV series is currently in production. No broadcast date has been determined.
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New Anime Series Official Websites Open

New sites have just launched for the TV shows Kodomo no Jikan, Shion no Oh and Mokke.
Source: Moonphase

New Evangelion Movie Trailer Available

A second trailer for the upcoming “Shin Gekijoban Evangelion: Jou ~ Evangelion:1.0 You Are (Not) Alone” motion picture has appeared online. The trailer from official Japanese sources is limited to Japanese IP addresses only. A low quality version has appeared on Youtube. A higher quality DivX version is available from Stage6. The first of the four new Evangelion movies is scheduled to open theatrically in Japan on September 1st.
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Fictional Game Within Genshiken World Gets Own Manga

Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma (Ramen Angel Pretty Menma), the fictional game played by the otaku characters within the Genshiken manga world, will itself be adapted as manga. Media Factory‘s Monthly Comic Alive magazine will start serializing Norio Shiroi’s manga adaption of Shimoku Kio‘s fiction-within-fiction creation in its November issue (on sale September 27). The official website for Pretty Menma made the announcement on August 27, two weeks after the website opened. The second series of the Genshiken anime will premiere on October 12 in Japan.

Source: Moon Phase

Sketchbook ~full color’S~ Trailer Online

The official homepage for the Sketchbook ~full color’S~ anime television series now hosts a streaming trailer. The show is scheduled to premier on October 1st.

Source: Ultimatum

Aquarion, Miyori no Mori, Sketchbook Videos Posted

The official website for the theatrical version of Aquarion is hosting the television commercials and trailer in its “Movie” section. The combining-robot project opens on September 22 in Japan. Sketchbook ~full color’S~, the anime adaptation of the Sketchbook school manga, has posted a promotional video online. It starts airing on Monday nights (Tuesday mornings) on October 1. Finally, the television movie Miyori no Mori has additional footage posted online before its August 25 premiere.

Source: Moonphase

Gunslinger Girl’s Second Season Officially Announced

The October issue (on sale August 21) of Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh officially announced that a second season of the Gunslinger Girl anime series will be produced. The Japanese magazine runs Yu Aida‘s original manga that inspired the anime. The production company Marvelous Entertainment had revealed that a sequel was in the works in its 2006-2007 financial report on May 30, but the company then edited the report to remove the Gunslinger Girl reference in early June.

Source: Ultimatum

Manga Duo naked ape’s switch Heads to Stage, OVA

The September issue (on sale August 18) of Square Enix‘s Monthly G Fantasy manga magazine announced that the Switch detective manga by the artist duo naked ape will be adapted for the theatrical stage and OVA formats. The October issue will continue with more announcements. The grittily stylized manga focuses on two young governmental investigators of drug trafficking in Japan. Viz Media announced at Comic-Con International 2007 that it will start releasing the manga version next March.

Source: Ultimatum

550,000 Attend Japan’s Comic Market Summer 2007

Mainchi Newspaper’s Mantan website reports that Comic Market, the largest manga-related convention, hosted 550,000 attendees during its 72nd run this past August 19–21. About 200,000 attendees came on Sunday to the doujinshi markerplace, adding to the daily totals of 180,000 on Saturday and 170,000 on Friday.