Kodansha to Publish Megatokyo in Japan

Kodansha to Publish Megatokyo in Japan

by Calvin Reid — Publishers Weekly, 7/10/2007

In a move that marks the growing stature of non-Japanese manga, the Japanese house Kodansha will publish a Japanese-language edition of Megatokyo, the American original manga Web comic and book series created by Fred Gallagher. Volume 1 of the series will be published in 2008 in a silver slipcased box as part of Kodansha Box editions, a new manga line started in November 2006. To promote the new edition, a 30-page preview of Megatokyo volume 1, featuring a new comics page about the characters of Megatokyo, translation notes and an introduction to manga created outside of Japan will be published in the September 2007 issue of Faust, a quarterly literary review featuring prose and manga works that is also published by Kodansha.

Kodansha’s publication of Megatokyo will make Gallagher one of the few Western manga-influenced creators to be published by a major Japanese manga house for a Japanese audience. “I feel honored to be picked by Kodansha,” said Gallagher, “and excited to be able to present Megatokyo to Japanese readers.” Gallagher said Kodansha’s senior foreign rights manager, Tomoko Suga, who also oversees Kodansha titles published by Del Rey Manga, approached him at the 2006 San Diego Comic-con about publishing Megatokyo in Japan. Faust editor Katsushi Ohta said he was very interested to see the Japanese reaction to Megatokyo, “I want to go to Akihabara [a hip Tokyo neighborhood] to observe how people will pick up the book in the stores, see what comments they might have.”

Depending on reader response, Kodansha expects to publish the entire Megatokyo book series, which is now published in the U.S. by DC Comics’ CMX manga line, which has published Megatokyo volumes 4 and 5. Megatokyo volumes 1-3 are published by Dark Horse Books. Faust has published work by a number of notable Japanese artists such as Kinoko Nasu (Tsukihime) and Hajime Ueda (FLCL). An English-language edition of Faust is scheduled for release in the U.S. next year.

Megatokyo is the story of two comical American hardcore video gamers—the sensitive and self-doubting Piro and the outrageously overconfident Largo—stranded in Tokyo. Launched as a Web comic in 2000, Megatokyo began attracting nearly 50,000 Web visitors a day. In 2003, Dark Horse began publishing the book series, and Gallagher moved the series to DC/CMX in 2006.

Gallagher said that while he’s very much influenced by Japanese manga style, he hopes Megatokyo offers something original. “One of my goals was to create a work that anyone could read and really not care about the background of the artist,” he said. “Even if you’re influenced by Japanese manga, original manga creators have to try and introduce stuff that maybe a Japanese creator couldn’t do.”

Source: Publisher’s Weekly


Anime Expo 2007 Announcement List!!

A List of Anime and Manga Titles that were Licensed at Anime Expo.

Anime Expo Announcements!


ADV Films:
Devil May Cry
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora

Bandai Entertainment:
Agent Aika (Original version)
Aika R-16 OVA
Silent Mobius films
Gundam Seed Destiny Special

Bandai Visual:
Super Robot Wars Original Generation – The Animation OVA and TV series
MS IGLOO: Apocalyplse 0079
Gunbuster vs Diebuster Movie

Love Hina TV series and OVAs
xxxHolic TV series
Tsubasa season 2
Negima!? (The new series)
Planet of the Beast King (Jyo-Oh Sei)
Darker Than Black

Geneon Entertainment:
Chop Suey Sock
Deltora Quest
Shakugan no Shana OVA
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Manga Entertainment:
StraitJacket (movie co-production)

Media Blasters:
Strawberry Panic
Genshiken OVA series
Kujibiki Unbalance TV series
Ikkitosen (the new series)
Otome wa Boku ni Koshiteru
Golden Boy
Angels Feather OVA
A Step Up Love Story (Futari Ecchi)
Kite Liberator
Haru wo Daiteita
Fuyu no Seme (Winter Cicada)
Gakuen Nana Fushigi
Flower and Stick

Nozomi Entertainment / Right Stuf:
Victorian Romance Emma season 1&2
Lost Universe


Tears of a Lamb
Two Flowers for the Dragon

Dark Horse:
Ghost Talker’s Daydream
The Color of Rage
A Wind Named Amnesia

Digital Manga Publishing:
Speed Racer (Original manga)
Family Complex

Metro Survive

Go Comi:
AI Revolution
Angel’s Coffin
A Wise Man Sleeps
Kamisama Kazoku

Media Blasters:
Roses of the Rhine
I Want to be Naughty
Return to Scandalous

Seven Seas:
Dance in the Vampire
I, Otaku – Struggle in Akihabara
In God’s arms (Kamisama no ude no Naka)
Kage Kara Mamoru (light novel)
Zero’s Familiar
Hatsuoki Shimai
Wicked City novels and manga prequel

Source: AnimeonDVD.com

R.O.D. Reador Die Yomiko Readman PVC Figure

Finally got ahold of a figure i have been wanting for a very long time, a R.O.D. Read or Die Yomiko Readman PVC Figure!!! I love Yomiko and am glad i got one well actually snagged two of them.